Marxist School of Revolutionary Medicine

Department of the Social-Democrat Hangover and the Mass Psychology of Fascism

Medical Team: The International Situation, Dmitrov Thesis and Neoliberalism: No Reformist Solution to its Crisis


Patient Name: The Indian Left


—– Low morale on fight against fascistic up rise

—– No clear idea of neoliberalism and the nature of contemporary fascism

—– Tendency towards alliance with the right wings

Observations in course of diagnosis:

A. Psycho-analyses of what is ‘Left’ in Indian politics:

In the context of Arvind Kejriwal led Aam Admi Party (AAP)’s sweeping victory in the 2020 Assembly Elections, an estranged ‘Left’ has gained hope in its fight against the fascist forces with its tactics of a broad ‘Democratic and Secular’ electoral alliance.

B. Inference:

Therefore, a clear understanding of the political position of AAP and the historic duty of the ‘Left’ in choosing the correct pill (red or blue) is essential.

Counselling based on Political Compatibility Analyses:

The following 7 questions are centered around the credibility of AAP and the mainstream versions of anti-fascist strategy:

1. AAP, a regional party with opportunistic inclination to alliances?

Failing to make a mark outside Delhi, AAP has proved the regional fervour of its politics. Neither is it successful in championing the aspirations of the inhabitants of other states, nor does it have any intention of maintaining an anti-fascist or atleast an anti-NDA Opposition Alliance. Likewise, AAP’s disastrous performance in the Lok Sabha elections depicts it’s futility in Central politics. Kejriwal’s decision to invite Narendra Modi and refrain from organizing a media expected ‘show-off’ Opposition Summit in his swearing-in ceremony portrays his opportunism.

Bharat maata ki… Inquilab… Vande…

2. Left Wing in any sense?

Kejriwal’s anti-monopoly stance against Ambani might earn him a ‘Left’ medal from the liberals. Leading his party through fund-raisers in 5 star hotels, Kejriwal has never been too shy to express ‘I am not against capitalism, I’m against crony capitalism’. While capitalism is always crony in essence of its exploitation infrastructure, his political position can be easily determined accordingly.

3. Why was Yogendra Yadav expelled?

Yogendra Yadav had been vocal of the flaws in exempting party expenditure while monitoring only candidate expenditure during elections. To make the process more ‘just’ for contestants with very limited resources, he came up with a solution (however bogus it may be!) of state-funding of elections. Yadav and his associates were expelled from the party for protesting against Kejriwal’s reluctance in bringing AAP under RTI vigilance as a symbol of transparency to pressurize the parliament on implementing the same scrutiny for all parties in any election.  So much for the anti-corruption cause…

4. Why no EVM accusations this time?

While the chances of EVM hacking cannot be negated out, the results of Delhi Legislative Assembly elections has put the corresponding accusations to the back-foot since the saffron have lost horribly. It shows the futility of such accusations which are singularly motivated to significance when the saffron faces victory. At the same time, it also shows that EVM manipulation is only possible when the socio-economic conditions raise the disillusionment of the masses to such an extent that they remain indifferent to the scam.   

5. Limitations of a Union Territory-Excuse or Reality?

While Delhi itself is a Union Territory, Kejriwal has voiced in favour of split of the State of Jammu and Kashmir into two Union Territories. Therefore, it can be stated likewise that although aware of the limitations of a Union Territory (it’s worth mentioning Kejriwal’s protests against the Central Home Ministry’s appropriation of the Delhi Police Force), Kejriwal has opted for the same in case of Jammu and Kashmir, while knowing the status of government repression and military atrocity in the erstwhile state. Thus, harsh reality and opportunistic excuses go hand-in-hand.    

6. Kejriwal-A Sophisticated Mamata???

Prognosis: Caution… The following comparative analyses may prove likewise…

[In light of Mamata’s failed projection of herself as the face of the opposition during the 2019 Lok Sabha elections and the readymade inference of Mamata as the anti-BJP face in West Bengal after Kejriwal’s victory in Delhi, this analyses proves its necessity.]

Results of regular health check-ups:

[Caution: High-voltage socio-economic analyses ahead]

1. While Kejriwal’s electoral victory against the Saffron is undeniable, but in essence, it is another right alternative as evident from AAP’s similarity with other regional parties and its ideological disregard for confrontation with the BJP government on the latter’s reactionary and chauvinistic policies.

[Anecdote: 1. The electoral victory of Hemant Soren in Jharkhand riding on anti-incumbency wave of the erstwhile BJP administration had sprouted similar signs of contempt among the ‘Left’. It must not be forgotten that Shibu Soren had once participated in a saffron coalition. Thus, the door towards a Nitish Kumar-ish summersault remains open for the future.

2. The victory of the Congress in three states, months before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections elevated the expectations of the ‘Left’ for a coalition government. To their dismay, the public opted for saffron incumbency in face of the absence of a strong and viable opposition, thereby pointing towards the lack of credibility of the Congress and the background of anti-incumbency for their victory in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. The Pradesh Congress of West Bengal even lacks any credibility within the state.

3. The political situation of Kejriwal and Mamata are different. Owing to his sophisticated stints, Kejriwal is yet to enter the neoliberal quicksand and fall prey to the hegemony of majoritarian politics. However, a “rough and tough” Mamata is already in the Villain’s clothing in terms of rising anti-incumbency sentiments. Her direct atrocity on the poor and enforcement of police ‘mafiaraj’ has angered the public to such an extent that even a passive support of the ‘Left’ to her cause will pave the way for an easy victory of the saffron.

4. Failure of economic policies of the right social-democrats and liberals to solve the problems of the ensuing crisis accentuate fascistic up rise as a far-right solution.]

2. During the Second World War, conflicting interests of finance and productive capital had separated the bourgeoisie into conservative and liberal camps. While a conservative solution to this crisis came in the veil of fascism, the revolutionary task for the ‘Left’ was to militarily ally with the liberals to put an end to this menace. However, in the present era of neoliberalism, when capital is globalized, companies are trans-national and crisis emanates periodically from the speculative market, the mutual dependence and contradictions of finance and productive capital are not sharply and economically dividing the bourgeoisie into conservative and liberal camps with mutually hostile interests. Economically, neoliberal tendencies are being projected by all social-democratic, right and far-right parties. Hence, a coalition of so-called liberals and the ‘Left’ is not only futile but ‘catalytic’ for a fascistic up rise.

Note on Prophylaxis:

Addiction for the Blue Pill and the Delhi-ite Solution

Electoral alliance of the ‘Left’ with all ‘secular (!)’ and ‘democratic (!)’ forces [Congress + all non-BJP regional parties (including Mamata in West Bengal for 2021 Legislative Assembly Elections and even issue based passive support for Uddhav Thackeray in Maharashtra)] to defeat the fascist BJP

Proposed Medicinal Treatment

The Red Pill

Movement based mutual assistance and electoral alliance of all revolutionary and struggling ‘Left’ forces to accentuate the politics of the working people and block the path to a fascistic up rise

“If you take the Blue Pill, the story ends here and you wake up in your bed believing what you want to believe. If you take the Red Pill, you enter Wonderland and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes…”


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