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  • Socialism Conference 2019: The Hunt For True Socialism?

    In times of great crisis, these organizations will not leave out socialists even while they drown in their puddle of contaminated and deformed approach to socialism, let alone stand in solidarity with communists. They have a lot to say about trans-national companies not being able to properly venture under socialist regimes with little to share about their exploitative agenda. In these times of great turmoil, the only way to stand for internationalism is to stand for trans-national solidarity among communists all over the world, while Social Democrats suckle on their bourgeois democratic pacifier.

  • Pawns Of Hong Kong And The Fight For Market Rights

    China’s failing foreign policies followed by the present situation of unrest in Hong Kong appears to distance the dream of reunification of Hong Kong from reality. As the fight for flexible open trade becomes more and more violent in these regions that currently serve as a tunnel between the rest of the world and China, what seems to be a fight for democracy is revealing itself as an apparent fight for market control between nations.