While the former capital of India and the present one, both, were witnessing a red storm in the form of Kisan rallies for the last couple of days, the calls for these protests seem to be only a far cry from their cause. The remarkably unique protest in Delhi demanding a full time loan waiver and implementation of recommendations of the Swaminathan Commission along with the farmers’ march from “Singur to Raj Bhavan” in West Bengal demanding the same with a louder call for industrialization of the 997 acres in Singur were more of pre-2019 pride parades as they failed to address the most obvious problems farmers are currently falling prey to. 

These Left protests are failing or not eager to address the agrarian crisis which has cost many their lives. Mr. Jaitley declared in the last economic budget, India has successfully produced a record amount of crop; yet the government has failed to provide a plausible reason for farmers not receiving fair price! Wavering of loans and demands of industrialization (read, capital intensive industries like TataNano and not labour intensive sectors like Steel production; a fake anecdote for unemployment) cannot meet the requisite demands like fair price of crops and fair wage of agricultural labourers, 82% of whom comprise small and marginal farmers, who are yet to receive the sweet taste of government loans. 

The “demands”, however disoriented it may be, of the farmers’ protest in Delhi was overshadowed by the hand-holding “ceremony” of Sharad Yadav, Sitaram Yechury and Rahul Gandhi, which seemed to be the highlight of the march, sending a strong message of a directionless anti-BJP rainbow alliance for the upcoming elections in 2019. As for the march in the heart of the capital of West Bengal, the suicidal call is helping the corruption stricken Mamata government to energize itself with enthusiastic criticism of the Left on an issue which helped them claim the throne but which they failed to address after coming to power. The corporate agenda which the previous Left Front government favoured through land acquisition in Singur in the name of industrialization and employment is now being accentuated by Mamata through her present policies of corporate appeasement but in a different veil.  

The Right wingers holding hands, standing side by side with the large corporates is nothing that seems out of the ordinary, but the willingness of the Left parties to organize farmers’ rally to share the same platform in the name of rightful demands along with the opposing Right wingers who in the blink of an eye would dubiously shift towards large corporates once on the throne is surely something that questions whether the existing Left is interested at all in class struggle and defeating the fascist trends or is more eager to catalyze the present economic crisis through their corporate compliance. 

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